SMTV isn’t just award-winning work by Les Stroud; it’s an encyclopedia of survival know-how you won’t find anywhere else. Les has poured himself into survival training for decades, drawing on the experience of local experts around the world, and you have the chance to access everything he has learned in one place.

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Welcome to the survival show that started it all!

Survivorman was introduced in 2002, and it has entranced the world ever since, spurring the entire survival television genre to life. Survivorman remains the bedrock of survival television to this day, both outlasting and outshining all of its competitors. Why?

Where other survival shows employ large camera crews and act out their survival scenarios, Survivorman is the only survivor show that puts its star in authentic survival conditions. Les Stroud, the creator, producer, one-man film crew, and star of Survivorman, gets dropped off by his crew with no water, no shelter, little food, and his camera. He is on his own for seven to ten days, foraging for food, building shelter, and seeking water. He carries his camera gear around with him and does all the filming work, braving rain, snow, heat, and danger from wild animals.

Survivorman isn’t about watching a man fight nature for a week; it’s about watching him work with nature in new ways to survive. Les consults with local experts on-location to gain specialized knowledge that he shares with his audience as he uses each tip to survive. When you watch Survivorman, you don’t just learn effective ways to survive emergency situations, you learn how to respect nature. The incredible insights shared on Survivorman have helped people survive their own situations, giving them the strategies and tools they needed to hang on until help arrived. Survivorman should be required viewing for anyone who steps out of their house!

Survivorman has thrived for over 15 years on multiple channels in the U.S. and Canada, including The Discovery Channel and around the world on over 120 channels. It is still going strong and expanding with projects like Survivorman & Son. Strap in and get ready to survive the best nature can throw at you with Survivorman. It’s time to survive!


While filming Survivorman in 2009, Les had what might have been a Bigfoot encounter. It enraptured both him and his viewers, prompting a Bigfoot series. In BigfootTV, Les takes his camera, night vision, and belt knife into locations too remote for anyone without his unique survival experience. Enduring extreme conditions and danger from the mountain lions and beyond, Les pursues Bigfoot and brings you along for the ride!


Les’s passion for authentic, original filmmaking shines in DocumentaryTV, a collection of feature and short films from talented filmmakers around the world. All the films will be rooted in the things that Les loves, survival, adventure, environmentalism, music and much more. This is a place for viewers to get handpicked content that Les supports and finds meaningful across an ever broadening spectrum of topics.


Coming soon!


Music runs in Les Stroud’s veins just as much as the wilderness does. In fact, Les started his career path as a musician, training in school and playing with many different bands. His skill on the harmonica is revered worldwide, and his songwriting style ranges from contemporary art rock to art-folk-roots rock. All the theme songs you hear on SMTV were written by Les, and he has scored several independent films.

Though he has shared the stage with the industry’s best, including Journey, Slash, Alice Cooper, Blues Traveler, Jakob Dan, Montgomery Gentry, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Roots, Les loves to write his own music and has produced several albums. His extensive experiences in nature go hand-in-hand with the beauty of his music. He not only consoles himself on his harmonica while surviving harsh conditions, he uses music as a conduit to express nature’s beauty and value.

In everything he does, Les acts as an advocate for nature and everything that makes life good and simple. He pours himself into teaching survival skills in his other shows, but his music is an opportunity for him to express the exquisite beauty of what exists all around us. SMTV is proud to present exclusive interviews, music videos, behind-the-scenes footage and the new series Campfire Interviews. All this content will allow you to see into Les’s creative process and understand the harmony he’s created between nature and art. It’s impossible not to get inspired while watching the heart of a talented musician shine. Enjoy this exclusive content and fly with Les today!


Do you know how to choose a campsite? Do you know how to work with a lighter that has no more fuel? Do you know how to make snowshoes from your car if you get stranded?

Many people are drawn to Les’s survival content because they want to see someone contend with authentically dangerous conditions and pull through. However, anyone who watches Survivorman or Bigfoot will realize that Les has created more than just an entrancing spectacle; he’s created his own worldwide classroom, and survival skills are always being taught.

Les has always loved nature, and testing the limits of what he can survive has been his passion for decades. Les is different from someone throwing themselves into a forest or a desert for a week and seeing what happens. Why? He has studied with leading survival experts as well as knowledgeable locals, taking the time to carefully and soberly understand the climates he’s up against and all the advantages and disadvantages of each one. He is on a mission to decode survival. He’s on a mission to show the world that it is possible to use the things you have on hand to get through life-threatening situations, and the skills he has shared have actually saved lives.

During the making of Survivorman Les only has 43 minutes to tell you his story. Now, here on InstructionalTV, Les has the chance to create new instructional films to go along with the moments of Survivorman that are incredibly useful not only in survival situations but also in basic adventure and even in documentary filmmaking!

Because Les has dedicated himself to the study of survival, he is a worthy teacher for anyone with the desire for practical skills. He deliberately puts himself into situations that anyone else would avoid in order to show his viewers that survival is possible. He is probably one of the only people on the planet who chooses to tackle these difficult situations, but because he does, people who have learned from him before getting thrown into danger have a chance to get out the other side.

SMTV is proud to present Les Stroud’s InstructionalTV, an incredible survival resource that could be an expensive learning course in and of itself. Equip yourself for survival today!

Directors CommentaryTV

When you watch Survivorman, you see more of what goes on behind the scenes than you do with any other survivor show. However, there’s more! Our Directors CommentaryTV will take you into the worlds that Les survives and share insights and never-before-heard stories. See behind the production curtain and experience the creation of a phenomenon!