Welcome to the survival show that started it all!

Survivorman was introduced in 2001, and it has entranced the world ever since, spurring the entire survival reality television genre to life. Survivorman remains the bedrock of survival television to this day, both outlasting and outshining all of its competitors. Why?

Where other survival shows employ large camera crews and simulate their survival scenarios, Survivorman is the only survivor show that puts its star in authentic survival conditions. Les Stroud, the creator, producer, one-man film crew, and star of Survivorman, gets dropped off by his crew with no water, no shelter, little food, and his camera. Though his crew monitors him from a distance, he is on his own for seven to ten days, foraging for food, building shelter, and seeking water. He carries his camera gear around with him and does all the filming work, braving rain, snow, heat, and danger from wild animals.

Survivorman isn’t just about watching a man fight nature for a week; it’s about watching him work with nature in new ways to survive. Les consults with local experts on-location to gain specialized knowledge that he shares with his audience as he uses each tip to survive. When you watch Survivorman, you don’t just learn effective ways to survive emergency situations, you learn how to respect nature. The incredible insights shared on Survivorman have helped people survive their own situations, giving them the strategies and tools they needed to hang on until help arrived. Survivorman should be required viewing for anyone who steps out of their house!

Survivorman has thrived for over 15 years on multiple channels in the U.S. and Canada, including The Discovery Channel and around the world on over 120 channels.

It is still going strong and expanding with projects like Survivorman & Son. Strap in and get ready to survive the best nature can throw at you with Survivorman. It’s time to survive!

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