Do you know how to choose a campsite? Do you know how to work with a lighter that has no more fuel? Do you know how to make snowshoes from your car if you get stranded?

Many people are drawn to Les Stroud’s survival content because they want to see someone contend with authentically dangerous conditions and pull through. However, anyone who watches Survivorman or Bigfoot will realize that Les has created more than just an entrancing spectacle; he’s created his own worldwide classroom, and survival skills are always being taught.

Les has always loved nature, and testing the limits of what he can survive has been his passion for decades. Les is different from someone throwing themselves into a forest or a desert for a week and seeing what happens. Why? He has studied with leading survival experts as well as knowledgeable locals, taking the time to carefully and soberly understand the climates he’s up against and all the advantages and disadvantages of each one. He is on a mission to decode survival. He’s on a mission to show the world that it is possible to use the things you have on hand to get through life-threatening situations, and the skills he has shared have actually saved lives.

Because Les has dedicated himself to the study of survival, he is a worthy teacher for anyone with the desire for practical skills. He deliberately puts himself into situations that anyone else would avoid in order to show his viewers that survival is possible. He is probably one of the only people on the planet who chooses to tackle these difficult situations, but because he does, people who have learned from him before getting thrown into danger have a chance to get out the other side.

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