When you watch an episode of Survivorman, you see everything Les Stroud can possibly show you in a limited amount of time.

He films his own experiences, carrying his camera gear through snow, rain, and desert winds so that you don’t miss out on what he does to survive extreme situations. This literal first-person perspective is part of what sets Survivorman apart from any other survivor show. It empowers Les to give watchers one-on-one survival training, something people benefit from without realizing they’re being taught.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot that goes into each episode.

Though Les brings you along for the ride, you don’t get to see everything. That is why we have created Director’s CommentaryTV.

These rare episodes allow you to truly see behind the curtain and understand what Les and his team go through when tackling climates around the world. This is where you get to hear never-before-shared stories and gather insights about the show itself and the wild adventures its creator gets to experience while creating it.

Director’s CommentaryTV is your chance to explore with Les on a level that other viewers will never experience.

 You’ll be inspired by Les’s passion for nature, amused at his steady humor, and impressed by his grit. If you’re at all curious about the inner workings of Survivorman and other content, this is the series for you.

SMTV proudly presents Director’s CommentaryTV, a compilation of stories and insights you won’t find anywhere else. Dive in and learn more about your favorite series today!

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