Is Bigfoot real?

This question didn’t bother Les Stroud until he had an encounter with what might have been Bigfoot in 2009. He was in the middle of filming another one of his famous Survivorman episodes in the Canadian Rockies when he detected a mysterious presence in the woods nearby – a presence that might have been Bigfoot. The experience entranced both Les and his audience, and there was no question what had to happen next: it was time to track down Bigfoot once and for all!

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Why hasn’t anyone been able to find conclusive evidence of Bigfoot before this? Maybe because Bigfoot has free range of extremely distant and isolated areas of forested mountains. The Canadian Rockies are no joke. In order to find Bigfoot, Les has to gear up and travel far past the point any normal hiker would dare. He has to get into the deep canyons and high ridges, drawing on all of his survival skills. And if he can’t find Bigfoot in the Canadian Rockies … well … there’s the rest of the Rocky Mountains, which stretch all the way down to Mexico, bristling with dangerous animals and threatening conditions.

Les’s 30 years of survival study and experience equip him for the quest of a lifetime, and he brings you along. Equipped with a belt knife, tent, and night vision camera, Les takes on untouched wilderness with determination to find Bigfoot, and the challenges he faces force him to draw on everything he knows to survive. This is an adventure you do not want to miss.

SMTV is proud to present BigfootTV, a groundbreaking series that not only explores Bigfoot’s wilderness home but addresses other giants of the forest. Go off-trail with the world’s foremost survival expert today!

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