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If you meet Les Stroud today, you’ll shake hands with an award-winning Canadian producer who has saved multiple lives, recorded six albums, shared a stage with Alice Cooper, Slash and numerous others, and met the Queen of England. However, all of these honors and introductions came from doing the one thing he loves the most: getting away from everything.

Les’s first passion is music, and though he dedicated his education to becoming a world-class musician, he found an equal passion for nature. He dove into the beautiful yet harsh Canadian landscape and worked as a guide leading canoe expeditions deep into the wilds of northern Ontario. He trained with legends of the survival world, including David Halladay and John “Prairie Wolf” McPherson and competed in adventure races. As he grew as a survivalist, he found inspiration for his music. Though he can play several instruments, he is legendary on his harmonica!

Les wanted to spread what he had learned in an authentic, compelling way, and the result was Survivorman. Millions of people were enthralled by this one man with a few supplies and a camera recording his fight to survive the earth’s most extreme environments. In fact, Survivorman sparked a new survivor genre, with copycat shows springing up all over. Survivorman’s complete authenticity helped it outlast the copycats, and it became the perfect platform for Les to advocate for nature and share his expertise, teaching his viewers how to survive in extreme situations while respecting nature and keeping one’s spirits up.

Les is the only producer in television history to write, document, and host an internationally-broadcast series alone. His hard work over 30 years has been nominated for 24 Canadian Screen Awards, and he has won twice for his writing and once for his photography. The survival knowledge he shared has been cited by several people who used it to survive real-life situations. Survivorman is one of the highest-rated shows on OLN (Canada) and The Science Channel and The Discovery Channel (United States). It continues to thrive and grow today on the SMTV Network.

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Noteworthy Accomplishments

Les’s innate passion for education and surviving the earth’s many climates drove him to become a keynote speaker and to write two best-selling books, Survive! Essential Skills and Tactics to Get You Out of Anywhere-Alive! and Will to Live. He has also produced/appeared in numerous television specials including hosting the 20th Anniversary of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, I Shouldn’t Be Alive, The Science of Survival, Surviving Sharks, Expedition Everest, Surviving Urban Disasters, The Mad Trapper, Surviving Alaska, The True Story of Robinson Crusoe, Shark Feeding Frenzy, After the Experiment, Deadly Waters and the documentary feature Off the Grid with Les Stroud. He has also featured in the series Extraordinary Lives. In 2010 and 2011, Les was Executive Producer/Host of the hit kids’ TV series Survive This (YTV, Cartoon Network) and made celebrity guest appearances on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Top Chef, and MTV Cribs. These days, Les continues to advocate for nature through survival education and produce music from the heart, all on the SMTV Network.